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Common Questions From Clients

All Your Doubts, Resolved

How do I know if TW Hawes, CPA* is right for my needs?

There has to be a fit from both perspectives such that you are comfortable contacting me in advance and not after when the solutions may be limited if possible at all. The best approach is to meet for an introductory meeting, get to know each other to determine if there is common ground as to approach, philosophy, commitment, and expectations.

What are the differences between an accountant, a CPA,  a bookkeeper or an unqualified tax preparer?

CPA's have undergone intense training, exams and continual professional development in addition to adhering to professional standards, code of conduct, ethics and maintaining professional liability insurance. Further, our network of colleagues provides the resources and answers to the ever-changing landscape of tax.  Our clients value and focus on the value that we provide.

If you were in my shoes, what would you do?

We answer this question to all of our consulting engagements from retirement planning to audit replies, p[otential tax filing adjustments. We think as if it were our money and our situation. 

What am I missing, what have I left on the table?

When you engage us, we will review your last 3 years tax returns at no additional cost to determine if any retroactive changes/corrections may be made, or if the change/correction may be only be applied going forward. As part of our introductory meeting and ongoing communications, we will always advise you of any changes based on your current structure and process, what is available and recommended, and your goals and objectives. Tax and tax planning is NOT a one size fits all. 

What about technical tax and related issues?

The Income Tax Act and related legislation is complex and is thousand of pages in length whereby we cannot list all topics here, lets connect and discuss YOUR situation, what keeps you up at night?

Don’t have the patience or necessary knowledge to deal with your accounting matters? As your Chartered Professional Accountant, I’ll take the load off your shoulders! Contact me today and see how I can help!

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